About us

Hyperion Energy is a new force in the Western Australian power supply industry. Utilising the very best and latest solar thermal/convection technologies, Hyperion will deliver green renewable power for the Mid West region of Western Australia.

Whilst the demand for power is certainly not new, the way we propose to generate it is relatively new – particularly for Australia. There are a number of large scale solar projects currently at various stages of construction and operation around the world, as it is increasingly seen as the best large scale solution to renewable power utilising the best most powerful free source of energy in our solar system, the sun itself.

Hyperion’s ground-breaking project will open up in the Mid West region to a whole new level of opportunities. Employment, State and Federal royalties, building of communities closer to mining operations, other ‘green’ power producers, tourism, new mining operations, expansion of existing mines, elimination of many onsite diesel/gas power generation units, better standard of living and new tech, communications including wireless broadband… these are just some of the benefits that will be provided by Hyperion Energy’s proposed solar thermal array.